The ghost town - Escape Theme Park

The last time I stepped into Escape Theme Park in PAsir Ris was about 10 years ago. I went with about nine of my cousins , ranging from 9 to 17 years old.

I had great fun and the place was so packed that we had to queue for quite a while before we could get on the rides. My favourites then were the Cadbury Inverter, Go-Kart and the enclosed roller coaster.

We had free passes to the park recently and decided to bring the little nephew there last week. Boy, it was such a mega difference!

Ok, so there is an attempt to promote joy!

Very sunny day! And he is always very happy when we all put on the sunglasses :)

I know the place has lost much interest and no one really bothers to go there anymore. .. just thought that we could entertain nephew with the kiddy stuffs. But I did not expect a ghost town ! Perhaps, it was the weekday but hey, it's also the school hols! I guess everyone flocks to Universal Studio now and nobody bothers about it anymore.

I bet everyone else there also had free passes. I would not waste my money this way .... hehe....

I was on this extremely tiny ferris wheel. Only 1 adult per cabin so all of us took different cabins while nephew went with the husby. LOL. you can see for yourself the 'deadness' of the place.


And then it started to rain! So we could not even get on the choo-choo train. Basically we just entertained him with all those stall games. He liked them so I guess, that was all that matters! :) 

 The park no longer has the Cadbury inverter but there were some additions... I just wonder if the management is going to do something to revive the crowd. It will be really a pity if it closes down .... although I bet , that is probably one of the options as well :(

We got bored after a while, so we proceeded to what we had promised MOntel earlier. He kept mentioning it....


$2 per game (5 frames). More expensive than adults one!

Notice those green things? Those are the side-barriers so that the ball does not go into the gutters. Smart!

We basically just did that a few rounds then proceeded with adults' bowling which the nephew INSISTED that he was allowed to play.

It was so funny....the way he wobbled with the 6-pounder (of course with assistance).

So that was the whole afternoon gone. Those with kids / young siblings / cousins , should really try the mini-bowl. CONFIRMED they will be super duper excited.

But you can skip EScape, yah ? :P