Harry Potter Once More!

Nothing much to blog about ...just that I watched Harry Potter the second time yesterday!

Woo Hoo! I managed to convince husby to watch it yesterday, to celebrate his start of hols FINALLY.

The first time I read the book was when it was first launched a few years back. I tried to re-read it before catching the movie the first time round, however, I only managed up to page 257 due to time constraint.

But I was done with the reading by last MOnday so I could enjoy the movie much better the second time.

I couldn't stand husby though... he still remembered every single detail of the book despite reading it once long long time ago. No wonder he is a Literature fan.... the brain is probably super trained in that....

Gonna go out later , we are bringing the little nephew out. It will be fun ...it always is, with him :)