Chocolate Chunk Marble Cookies

Last weekend, I decided to put the oven to good use.

Honestly, I don't bake. The only few times I did was just merely helping my mum make Hari Raya goodies in the past. My job , however, never included sifting flour and such ... just more of putting the batter into cups, cutting out cookie shapes or decorating them. heh... Thus to say that I know nuts about baking is perhaps , half-true.

Our own beloved Baby Belling has only been used ONCE - and that was also to make brownie from pre-made brownie mix!

Yeah. How pathetic. I know :)

Chocolate Chunk Marble Cookies

          This is not my work. It is actually a picture of
 how the cookies are supposed to look like.
Whether mine had any resemblance, you have to
read on :)

Managed to get the recipe from my cousin , through this blog Must really thank her ...she seems to know many baking recipes.

And so , I went into the battlefield with lots of courage and confidence! Well, people say that if you do that , it is half the battle won!

That's my notebook with the recipes handwritten.
The mobile phone is there for emergency calls to
the momma!

I did not manage to get through the process without calling my mum. I distinctly remember my mum sifting flour whenever she bakes. But it sure was not written anywhere in the recipe! Thus, I made the first emergency call ... hehhee.... and she just said," It is not written because it's common sense that flour must be sifted first".

Ok , so I felt like an idiot... LOL.

The sifted flour!

I was supposed to place the cookies on greased paper but
I've totally forgotten about the paper. So, I just greased
the pan :) It makes no difference lah ...

And that's my first batch of cookies ! I know they
don't look like how they are supposed to but don't
judge a book  cookie by its cover!

Overall, it wasn't such a bad turnout. Although the second batch was slightly burnt at the edge , everything was edible. Brought some to my grandma's place in the evening and one of my cousins could not stop eating.

Even the husby, my food critic, said they were more than fine though there is defnitely room for improvement. Yeah! Thank you , dearie! I would definitely make you my guinea pig.

I am super motivated now ...hahhaa.... you can't blame me, you know. This was my first attempt from scratch and no one had food poisoning!

I would definitely try again this coming weekend , or the next. I shall make the Baby Belling my new BFF :P


Iqah said...

The cookies look delicious! I want some!!! :D

FairyQueen said...

haha... one of my friends said they looked unappetizing.... sedih seh...:P