Shoes !!!! @ Charles and Keith online

    Shoes are on the way ! Yippee!

The past weeks or months have been really busy for me.Too busy that I hardly have time to cook. Hehe....That normally does not sound like me. Well, it's not that I don't enjoy cooking ..I just would not categorise it as my hobby (things you like to do when you have the time *chuckles*).

But I absolutely love my kitchen . There's nothing fancy about it though is just a simple one. But it gives me some kind of pleasure knowing that ONLY I know exactly where everything is! :P We always love it when we have some kind of powers no one else has, don't we? :P

I spent about two hours cooking just now. Maybe that was a bit too s-l-o-w but I felt that was the fastest I could handle , inclusive of all the cleaning and washing up. I was bushed after that.

Thus, to reward myself, I decided to do some online shopping!

I discovered CharlesnKeith online a few days back and have been itching to make a purchase. The items sold online are quite different from the one in local stores..perhaps it's because they cater to international taste as well.

I am a disciplined person (yah right!) so I told myself I shall purchase a maximum of only two pairs!

Scroll, scroll, scroll.....I decided on ......

Aren't they pretty ?

Alas.... God does not want me to spend too much  (Husby has probably prayed for that ...heehee) .The one in taupe does not come in my size anymore. .. :( Sigh,I really think it is very pretty.

But I shall not be so disheartended since I managed to get the second one on the list! per normal, all my online purchases are sent to my mum's place since we are often not at home... Sorry ye mak......

Oh , there was another pair which I like....

These simple grey pumps, I reckon, will look great
with the grey pants I intend to buy. But I shall put them
on hold first  because I saw an equally nice pair at
 J.West the other day.

Eeeee.... see lah! I get weak in the knees when it comes to shoes!


Fee said...

Steady Along! I like the last pair though. :)

FairyQueen said...

Fee? Is that you , Iqah?

Yah ... I like the last pair too. Elegant, isn't it?

Iqah said...

Yeap. Me me me. ;-)