81 HIts? Who who who?

Since I am no popular blogger, my daily readership averages on 20 or so.

So imagine my huge shock when I checked my blogpatrol and found out that I had 81 hits for today!

Who are you , 'hitters'? I hope it is not some stalker....hehhehe...

You know, I did have a stalker a few years back. And I tell you , it was FREAKY and SCARY. It is like, every single movement of mine seemed to be sniffed by that person....it was definitely not a very good experience.

Back to my 81 hits, I really wonder who these people are. Based on the records, they are mainly from Singapore and the United States. Woo hoo!

Maybe they accidentally chanced upon my blog... but then , who cares? Hit me more! :)


mrnoble said...

yeah man, keep 'em coming :D

FairyQueen said...

Mr Noble> thanks! U keep coming too !:P