Twitter - Lost!

Yeah , I know I am a little slow but I have just set up a twitter account.

Now I am facing two problems, one to do with mobile tweets and the other is my blog layout.

Question 1
I am using a Samsung smartphone with data plan/WIFI. How do I send mobile tweets? I know with blackberry and iPhone , there're applications for it but not my phone. I understand there is an SMS system but when I went under the Twitter mobile SMS settings, Singapore is not under the list.

So how? Does this mean I cannot tweet using mobile phone unless I change phone?

Question 2
I tried to put the Twitter scrollbar onto my blog. Somehow, I get the colours right and all ...but no text appears. Look >>>

It is just a blank box. I have no idea what went worng because I simple followed intsructions and copy n paste the html codes.

I hope there are some kind souls / Twitter experts who would be able to help :)

Drop a comment or email me at

Happy MOnday!