Online shopping is the Best!

I am officially an online shopper.

It is crazy but it SOOOOOOOOOOO FUN!!!!!! all started somewhere in end January when I was bored and decided to visit

After that, I was linked to other sites that definitely prove to be very 'dangerous'.

My online loot so far (or at least, what I can remember..):

1)  Marc Jacobs Nylon Tote Bag
2) Marc Jacobs Packable Shopping bag
3) at least 5 syalas / shawls
4) Pants from
5) 6 dresses/tops from

All within a month or two... how not to be broke?

Online shopping is addictive and I make sure I use my debit card for all my purchases, not my credit card. least I know I won't be in debt :) :)

Something shitty happened this morning with one of the school leaders. I was frustrated and when I checked my email, there was a notification from regarding some L'Oreal Cosmetics.

And yeah... u guess it... I bought ! Just something small to cheer myself up. One lipstick and one lipgloss.... with postage, the total price is only $24. That is the price of one lipstick at retail price!

I am happy with myself for saving money.

Anyway , I laid my eyes on this pretty thing. I am still thinking if I should part with my money for this .....

Pink watch from Juicy Couture. USD 212

Should I , should I ?


I said...

Buy Buy! Hehe.

Along let me know when your cosmetics arrive. I wanted to buy some stuff from singsale but they have pretty bad reviews so i didn't dare.


FairyQueen said...

hahha....if I listen to u all the time, confirm broke! LOL.

This is my first time buying from singsale.... I shall update you. But delivery seems to be extra long .

I said...

I mean don't**

I think after all the complaints, their service should improve. Btw, you've hit 5k -- referring to your counter. Congrats! Sorry, cheap thrill!

FairyQueen said...

hahaha... 5k after 9 / 10 mths is not very impressive . LOL. But i have been slacking... too tired and busy :(