Bags , bags, bags!

A lady can never have too many bags - I am sure the majority of the female population agrees :)

My craze for bags started at a very young age (honestly, I think I inherited it from my mum) ; I was already very concerned with bags in secondary schools, often opting for brands such as ELLE, ESPRIT, GUESS - the hot brands among teens in the 1990s :) (yes, yes...I am that old!).

When I was in university, I started to venture out of those brands and would go for absolutely anything colourful, funky, weird but cheap! Hehe... there wasn't much spare cash to splurge on bags but it was an absolute neccessity for me to have matching bags for all my outfits to uni. Some were really cheap but honestly, at one point, I had at least 40 bags that I could rotate for my school days. Such obsession.

It stopped when I started teaching. Firstly, earning my own money makes me appreciate $$ more and I had a lot of family commitments the first few years of my working life hence, leaving me with very little to shop. Furthermore, I drove to work everyday so I could even get away with even carrying a box to and fro! ( I really did that for a couple of weeks ).

When I got married, the interest in bags was still there but the desire to own has definitely lessen. I was more caught up with buying watches and shoes with the other half! Hehehehe... that was fun ! But I think I have enough watches (for now, at least) and I have maximised the space in the shoe cabinet  - so it is back to bags again!

I started adding bags to my collection last yr. This year, I seem to have gotten a few (oopsie!) but I've cut down on other things so it should be ok ..right, husby? Just this year, I've got myself an AGnes B, 2 by Marc Jacobs, 1 from a push-cart in a mall , a white Gucci, a red Burberry (anniversary present) and 1 from SUB (surprise gift from husby ) . It sounds a lot but I threw away five old bags so the new ones are purely functional replacements :P

My latest love is from my favourite brand - Kate Spade! I wasn't sure of it initially and kept changing my mind. I am glad I didn't! I love it!


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I really like the chains and gold turnalock on the bag

Super cute interior!

It is really a versatile bag that you can bring from work to play or even evening functions. It is not large but roomy enough to bring all my usual stuff. Very versatile, worth the money spent. I haven't had the chance to bring the bag out yet ..I always lug my big Marc Jacobs or large Longchamps to school- easier to dump my things inside! But I think I shall try to let my new love breathe in some fresh air this coming week.

Kate Spade has also changed the dustbag. It  is now a stylish black with gold letterings :)

Now , I am waiting for my COACH Kristin Leather Hobo. Bought it online and it is apparently on the way ...woots!


jfook said...

ya.. girls never gonna live without bags..

Bex said...

hehe tell me about it, I love bags more than shoes!

FairyQueen said...

jfook> so u know what to pamper ur girl with!
hmwoes> For me, I love them both! A LOT! :P

Me ! said...

Shouldn't u mention where u bought the bags from? Must have the link too u know ;p

FairyQueen said...

Me!> Well, we can discuss the business proposal , if u want... :)

Me! said...

What business proposal????!