Diapercake - What a Gal Wants!

I love my latest diapercake!

It was actually ordered by a group of colleagues for a fellow colleague and I wanted to make sure she loves it. I am glad she did because I had absolute joy doing it up - finished it all within 2 hours.

I call it "What a Gal Wants" because... well, the name speaks for itself :)

Pictures time!

Only some of the ingredients. I forgot and had already packed the rest into the cake.

From the back... that white cloth with fairy prints is actually a pair of boxer shorts. Cute!


Top View

I like how everything is so girly...in my favourite colours, no less!

Packed and ready to go!

This time round, I decided to include a picture of the cake on the gift tag. At least, once the mummy dismantles the cake, she can still keep the tag for memory sake!

All the ingredients...quite a lot but they ha a bigger budget.

It is quite a lot of work ... creating the idea , shopping for the right items to fit the design, 'baking' the cake, doing the customized tags, wrapping it up ( I swear I hate this last stage! ) but it gives me a huge amount of satisfaction as I know it will definitely bring joy to the receipient. Consider this if you wanna brighten up a mother's day! :)

Email enquiries to : D_Fairycakes@yahoo.com.sg