Salam Edulfitri!

There has not been much of an update lately because I was

1) busy preparing students for the Prelim exams,
2) busy with the preparations for Teachers' Day high tea tomorrow. Yup, I am on the SWC :),
3) going crazy with the loads of markings,
4) trying hard to be a good housewife and bake cookies for Eid,
5) drowning in the mess at home. THank God for dear husby who helped out despite being busy with the PE. Home is pretty pretty :P .

Here's us wishing all Muslims Selamat Hari Raya and to our non-Muslim friends, hope you had a great holiday!

I really love our combination for this year!

We are very determined to do more visiting this year. The past years have been blearrghhh due to work.