My Surprise Birthday Party :P

Did I really forget to blog about my birthday?

Of course not!

I know I am already 3 weeks late and it is not because it wasn't a memorable one. In fact, it was beyond what words could describe. I have just been really busy because soon after the birthday was Christmas , New Year...then start of school! *eeeewwwwww*

I would still want to pen down the day's activities and memories so that I would remember it for the rest of my life. Not that I would ever forget it - you will see why!

I have always loved the anticipation leading to my birthday each year. He will so secretive all the time - either texting , lurking in some weird corners of the house (I suspect, to hide my presents... heehee) and often has weird facial expressiions (as if he is doing some planning in his head). When the day comes, I will always try to act cool . Heh. This happens all the time.

Anyway , the day started with a trip down to NUS. I know it probably sounds like a weird place but it is a 'special' place ..not because that's where we met . But that's where we should have met! We spent 3 years in the same building, same faculty and even knew each other's friends yet , NEVER even bump into each other. Either we were both super unattractive that we didn't bother giving each other a second look or we were just blind! I think I'd rather believe the latter . Hahhaa.....

After all the walking and exploring - a good workout, indeed!- we set off for lunch. No surprise that he brought me here because I've always wanted to try out their buffets.

Asian Market Cafe @ Fairmount Hotel

That ended close to 2pm. And apparently , we were behind time. For what? I had no idea myself actually but I was really full then and I couldn't bring myself to feel excited. Hahaha... too bloated to do anything.

[We did our Zuhur prayers. For those not in the know , there is a space in Raffles City Shopping Centre that is specially designed for prayers. A very small space but I feel it is a really nice gesture on their part.]

After prayers, we drove on ... again , yours truly remained clueless throughout. When I realised that we were going into the Marina Bay Sands area, I started speculating . I had these in mind:

1) Walking around the area and taking pictures along the Helix bridge. I have always wanted to do this but more of in the late evening , not 3+pm  when it was hot!
2) We were going to watch the musical WICKED. I was wickedly excited!
3) He was going to bring me to the huge LV boutique and my birthday present will welcome me with open arms once I stepped in. Haha.. super fat hope!

Yeap, we went to see the Titanic exhibition. Although the movie itself was rather overrated, I always get this feeling of sadness when I read / see  anything on Titanic. I really cannot imagine how the victims had felt going through the very tragic accident. Sigh. Such a sad 'experience' on my happy day. ..

Anyway, without my knowledge, some secret activity was being carried out in the dark - something that involved so many people yet I knew nothing about!

My dearest hubby had actually practised his party planning skills and somehow managed to 'hack' into my FB account to get into contact with his accomplices.... and all these accomplices deserve an award! For being able to carry out everything smoothly without interrupting my day with him. TSK!

Husby actually planned a surprise party for me - the OLD me! And those people you see above in the photos were my ex-students from 2006 and 2009 batches , from 2 different schools. He knows these are the students I love the most and I just could not believe he brought them all in . Super sweet, right?

Was I surprised? Like, obviously!

The best thing was that everything was themed according to my alias - Fairy Queen! I have always wanted a birthday celebration with fairies and butterflies but I expected that when I was a kid lah... not when I am this old. Haha! It was really lovely.... the decorations and cake were all following the theme. The little kiddos looked like beautiful fairies and I got my own set of wings! *sob sob* so touched, touched, touched....

I love the details on the cake. Waterfall, fairies, fairy house, toadstools...and even a worm!

I finally had wings!
Both families were there, the lovable ex-students and my besties who made me believe that they were all still stuck at work . Super evil yet really sweet of them .... I was totally lost for words when I saw all the people in the room!

There are many other photos but of course, I cannot possible post all up .

I have to say I was extremely touched by everyone's presence (assuming that they were not forced at gun-point by my dearest!) and I felt so loved! It was also really sweet of the ex-students to take full charge of putting the decorations up and blowing the many many balloons *HUGS*. Jasper, who used to be my IT rep, was into his role again that night , checking the sound system and ensuring that the microphone and everything else was in order.

I am really very, very thankful to have all these people in my life.

And obviously, the most special dedication goes out to the most special person who was the mastermind behind all these. I cannot believe that you went to great lengths to celebrate my day. No more such things in future please! I am getting a lil too old and we must save money for important things. ..hhehehe

Husby, thank you for the surprise and your lovely presents. And, thank you for always bringing joy into my life. I love you.


Anonymous said...

Love your post, it was amazing. :)

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FairyQueen said...

Thanks, Margie! :P