Bright and alive!

I wanted to bring out my new bag on our date yesterday. It is bright blue so I was cracking my brains.

After staring at the contents of my wardrobe, I decided to go for an orange and blue combo, something which I have never tried before.

With matching blue wedges, I felt so bright n alive!

I have always thought that colour blocking looks really good on some people and I have always wanted to try . Rather apprehensive initially for fear that I end up looking like a clown! But I actually liked what I wore and perhaps, it was just psychological but I felt really cheery and upbeat throughout our date.

We had to do some important shopping ( yes, very important you know.... ) so after Raffles City Shopping Centre, we walked to Marina Square for our late lunch / early dinner - it was five pm btw. We ended up at Manhattan Fish Market.

I would always order their Gummybear drink , and nephew loves it as well. A lil fizzy, fruit punchy but with jelly at the bottom of the drink . When you stir , you get a sweeter taste.

We were slightly disappointed with the main dish but we forgive them ... we have had many wonderful meals at Manhattan.

Now it is back to work - school is reopening tomorrow!


Charlie said...

everything so blue <3