Bendahara - A Betrayal

If you have been watching Suria or reading the Malay papers, you would have heard that there is a mega musical production that starts tonight.

Bendahara- A Betrayal is mainly produced by Sri Warisan Performing Arts. The interesting thing is that the cast is made up from people from all walks of life yet, share the same passion for dance and drama.

I am slightly excited about it because 22 of my dance students are involved in two of the scenes. Two different genres. Although they are not the main cast, it is definitely a valuable experience for them - performing for 3 shows with approx 1200 people in the audience each time. Something they may not experience again.

THe first show is tonight at eight and we have been busy with late night rehearsals the whole week. Just last night , I reached home at 12:30 am - after sending the last student off. Thank goodness we were granted permission to report to school only at nine am! At least, I had 5 hrs of sleep :P

Here is just one shot of them during rehearsal...

I'll definitely take more today and tomorrw, and hopefully, find time to post them up .

So, if you are coming for the show, see ya!