New Competitor!

Well, it is pretty obvious that I am obsessed with my dearest nephew , Mustaqim.

I have been obsessed with him ever since he was born and the love just gets stronger :)

BUT, he has a competitor now. There is someone else out there whom I love to giggle and talk nonsense with ... and will look forward to see every week.

And it is none other than......


OMG. She is super cute lah ... She is husband's niece and after my darling nephew, this one gets the next highest mark :)

She is now at the stage where she is trying to talk and everything that comes out from her mouth is oh-so-cute! She loves to dance and sing and during our recent niece-auntie bonding session, she diligently watched me put on my make-up and waited eagerly for her turn .

Compact powder in her hands

And dab, dab, dab.....

Really mentel , I tell you! She was quite an expert with the compact powder and was all ready to attack my blusher , brush already in hand. But I stopped her soon after . One, her parents will probably kill me for exposing her to such things at such a young age...two, MAC and Bobbi Brown are expensive! I love her but not to the extent of letting her destroy my make-up items. Hee hee....

We hope that she will be as smart as my dearest Montel. She is showing positive signs :)


kurnaen said...

she's so cute, did you like grooming like her when you were a kid? hehe

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