My first Bellabox :)

Have you heard of bellabox?

I only heard of it sometime last month although apparently, it has been around for quite a while.

What exactly is it?

Let's just say it is like buying a small present for yourself as a reward for all your hard work and as a perk-me-up :)

How bellabox works

Bellabox is specially for people who love / want to try new beauty products yet, at the same time, not sure if you want to splurge on something that you have never tried before. Bellabox sends you approximately five products each month and everything is hand-picked and definitely authentic.

Hmmm.... but how do they handpick the items when they don't know you at all? That is simply solved by the beauty profile page that you need to fill in upon signing up.

The good thing is that you can edit your profile along the way. We all know how sometimes the skin conditions can change drastically - pimple, eye bags , etc . So updating your info every now and then will actually help them in getting the right things for you.

I have read reviews online about bellabox and almost all have been positive ones. Most of the time they will send you travel size or sample-sized products (I would love to get miniature perfumes!), wrapped in pretty pink packaging, with the occasional regular-sized ones.They will also include vouchers that you can use to get your favourite items. If you decide that you like what they send you, you can purchase it at their site as well.

Here are some pictures of other people's Bellaboxes...

I was rather intrigued so I decided to pay a visit.

How much does one need to pay?

There are different subscription plans that you can choose from. I chose the basic plan which costs me $19.95  per month, which I feel is reasonable. It is a plus point that I can cancel it anytime. That means that if  by any chance, I get sick of it or too broke to spare $20, I can just terminate my subscription - no commitment needed! On top of that , they will only deduct the amount from your card monthly , instead of the common prepaid plans which you cannot back out of :)

Of course if you are sure that you want / can commit, you may want to opt for the annual membership. Whatever payment made incurs rewards points which may be used to offset future purchases.

Anyway, I received my first Bellabox a while back. I was actually still at work when they sent the package. Because I was just impatient (and worried the next delivery will still clash with my working hours), I just told the courier guy to leave it at my door.  I needed to convince him that it was alright to do that.

So here's my Bellabox for the month of August!

Vouchers! Will definitely use that one by SaSa to get my BB cream.

A little disappointed that items didn't come in the usual pink packaging. Instead , they came in this (ugly) bag just because August is when the nation celebrates its birthday. Sigh,

L'oreal Youthcode, China Glaze nail polish, Dermalogica Cleanser, Enavose Priobotics Exfoliance Gommage & Elizabeth Arden Cleanser, toner and serum (samples)

I absolutely love this exfoliator from Enavose! Honestly, I have never heard of this brand before so it was a really pleasant surprise that it works so well! The texture is really smooth , unlike the typical exfoliator with mini beads, but when I rub it gently on the face, I can see all the dead skin coming off. My face felt really clean and smooth after that, and don't feel dry at all! I think I am going to purchase it!

I left a review on the official page because one can earn 5 rewards points for each review done. It gets better, doesn't it? 

The other one that I really like is the Dermalogica cleanser. The least favourite is the L'oreal Youth Code - don't think it works for me. 

I simply cannot wait for September's Bellabox. Come quick!