Princess Themed Diapercake

I have always wanted to do a Princess theme for my diapercakes. The idea of fairy wings, wands, tiara, fluffy lace etc is really whimsical and dreamy - perfect for that princess in everyone of us.

So, even though I am up to my neck with work , I wholeheartedly said "yes" when someone asked for a Princess-themed diapercake for this weekend!

It was such fun doing this, I tell you . Honestly, I have been rather stressed up the past few weeks and have not had enough rest. But the minute I cleared the more important work, I set down to my favourite business.

Here you go - pictures of my time and effort! :)

The back of the cake - which in my opinion, looks like another complete different cake.

I love pink so this really made my day :)

I also did another one this weekend . Customer requested for different shades of purple.

You can see more photos of my diapercakes under D'Fine Yourstyle Facebook Page or under my labels on the side bar.

Drop me an email or FB message should you have any enquiry or to place an order (self-promotion here) .

Toodles! Gonna cook lunch now!