Once Upon A Time......

We are all too familiar with the many 'Once Upon a Time'.... but have you heard of 

'Once Upon a Milkshake'?

I have not until last weekend. 

We were doing some quick shopping at Whitesands Shopping Centre when husby suggested a walk in the park nearby.With the recent erratic weather, who would have expected an extremely huge downpour the minute we stepped into the park?

Thank goodness for the barely-enough-for-two umbrella we had in hand, we managed to walk through the rain to reach the Pasir Ris Sports Recreation Centre.

While walking around, I sat this cute little shop with an equally cute name....

Once Upon A Milkshake 

They sell milkshakes obviously but they also have other things like waffles. The place is really small and cosy, and would make it a perfect venue for catching up with friends.

All their milkshake flavours have very cute and attention-grabbing names. That really made me read almost everything on their menu. 

I chose chocolate truffle castle 

Good enough for me to finish it up very quickly!

Love the choc bits ! Too few, in my opinion...more please!

I would probably wanna try the Agent Strawberry next - I miss the milkshakes from MacDonalds :(

P/S: Just fyi, this place is not halal-certified as they do have rum in some of their products.