You probably would have caught on (despite the few blog posts on it ) that my husband and I love to go for staycations. Whenever we feel we need a break away from our busy lifestyle or the usual routine at home, one of our version of an escapades is a holiday in our own sunny Singapore.

We were happy enough with our stay at Ritz Carlton for its luxurious deco and posh-ness. But if you are looking for somewhere away from town , Capri Residence is an excellent choice!

Where is Capri Residence? Right beside Changi City Point Mall. This also means that it is very near Singapore Expo (which has various exhibitions each weekend) and within 5 mins walk to the MRT station where you can easily take the train to Bedok Point, Tampines Mall, Whitesands, Changi Airport and to town.

How accessible!

We went for a 3D2N stay. Capri Residence works like a luxurious apartment - it has all the amenities of an apartment but the facilities of a good hotel. Plus it really looks good - simple yet classy!

The all-white lobby .... with pops of colours! I like! 

The designs lean towards modern retro - is there such a term? Haha....some of their furniture have that retro look , with a modern twist.

The cakes and macaroons sold at this cafe looked super drool-worthy but they are not Halal so all we could do was salivate. 

Cheap thrill - you get this parking label and we did get a little excited when we could enter the carpark through a separate gantry (from the mall) and had priority parking.

As usual, husby asked for a high floor. But there wasn't much of a view, to be honest, since we were just surrounded by exhibition halls and office buildings.

I have to say that I love the room decor. Simple and clean furnishings but with orange as their main pop of colour. It makes everything look so chic and lively. I could seriously live in a room / home like that .


The mini walk-in wardrobe . On the right side are the shelves, iron + ironing board, full length mirror (very impt!) , safe etc. It also leads to the expansive bathroom. 

See that door? It is the second door that leads to the bathroom so one doesn't have to make a big turn to the bathroom in the middle of night . It was quite funny though when we had to warn each other not to open any of door while one of us was using the toilet. 

I don't know why but I love this sofa and TV area. I spent quite a bit of time here.

Details! I was lounging on the sofa when I noticed this on a corner of the ceiling. I love it when hotels pay attention to details.

And then we have the kitchenette. That , in my opinion, is another reason to beat Ritz Carlton. Ok, so Ritz Calrton has a luxurious bathroom but it does not have a kitchenette and vibrant colours - which , in my opinion, made my stay at Capri super comfortable.

We actually spent quite a long time in the room because we were....ahemmm....marking exam papers! Hahaha.... weird staycation , wasn't it? But I felt it was productive because I completed EVERYTHING that I brought over!

Everything is available, including an Espresso machine.

For the Muslim guests, do not forget your  'sabun sertu' when you use hotel utensils / cutlery.

As usual , we did a little exploration of the place.

The Spa was under some renovation while we were there though...

The lounge / HOT SPOT area looks soooooo cozy!

The pool and gymnasium. The pool is not that huge but it suffices , especially when it is not always packed with hotel guests. 

Another plus point is that Capri Residence is right next to Changi City Point. So, in between our work breaks, we did manage to do some shopping at the outlets there. Somehow, I seem to like the ESPRIT and G2000 stuff at the outlets here better than at their regular stores.

Those of you with kids will probably be glad to know that Changi City Point caters to the little ones. They have both indoor and outdoor playgrounds for young kids to entertain themselves. Also, there are quite a number of Halal eating places here so it was not a problem for the two of us to get food. 

In fact, I just kept thinking of what to have for my next meal throughout our stay . Geeezzz......

I feel it is a good place to unwind or just to steal a break from our usual routine. Plus, since the place is nowhere near town , the price is very affordable.

We have talked about doing another crazy marking-getaway here some time next year... meanwhile, we are hopefully gonna check out Katong V Hotel next!