Under the Weather

I am feeling so miserably sick.

It has been a few days now and I think I am getting the full blown flu already.

I need to get well - there is a lunch date tomorrow with the ex-colleagues and  a blogger event tomorrow night.

Please please get well, Fairy.

There is still the school trip to Hong Kong to think about.


suhana said...

Cool colours!!!.... my other half wld never agree to that though...hahaha

Dyan Razali said...

Loving the huge space u have now!

Would it be ok if i ask how much he quoted you for this babe?
If you're not comfortable publishing it here, would it be fine if you email me at bride.blogette@gmail.com

i really like your handbag shelves!

dancingfairyqueen said...

Hahah....ya, I was lucky the mister is ok with colours. But si Mr Seah kept saying , "You two very daring ah!" :P

dancingfairyqueen said...

@Dyan Razali Hi hi! It's ok ..I will answer . It was $2100 for the main wardrobe and $500 for the bag shelves + glass door.
3 other companies I asked quoted btwn $2400 - $2600 for the main wardrobe alone.
I go for the cheapest, naturally ! :P

Dyan Razali said...

Oh my that was quite a good deal!
I had one who quoted me $4000 ++ and kept insisting because he uses Stainless steel. Hahaha

dancingfairyqueen said...

@Dyan Razali Ur $4000+ quotation could be also due to the length? This was about 6 feet long. The one in my master bedroom costs much more because it is 10 feet. Scout around properly and weigh your options. I feel that quite a number of companies can offer good prices without compromising on the quality.
This one, life-time guarantee though :)