Getting ready for Eid

Will you look at that?

Those bags are filled with ingredients and items needed for me to embark on my baking journey.

Yeah, you heard me right!

I am going to bake the Hari Raya cookies by myself, this year.

No, I am no expert at baking fact you can count with less than 5 fingers the number of times I have baked in my entire life.

But, husby bought a Baby Belling oven early this year and I have only used it twice. Last year, most of the Raya goodies in the house were given by my mum and his sister. Thus, I promise that I shall do them by myself.

OF course I am not going to do ALL on my own! Haha... that can only happen if I quit and become a housewife . LOL. I still have the prelims papers to mark during the Sept hols (Hari Raya is also during the hols! Die lah!)

I shall just aim to bake 3 different types ... or 2 ... we shall see how it goes.

Let's pray they will be pleasant-looking and edible !

Good luck to me (and those who will be eating them cookies ) !


Alan said...

Hi fairy,

all the best for your baking and paper marking.

FairyQueen said...

Alan> thanks! I need that :)