A Kate Spade fan

 I am stuck at home today instead of going Hari Raya visiting BECAUSE of work obligations.


Anyway, I got bored and decided to go to my favourite website, katespade.com.

I don't know why . After shoes, I love bags .  I don't go for designer bags actually... anything that catches my eyes and are worthwhile investments (be it short term or long term), I would consider buying.

Of all brands though , Kate Spade is my favourite. It is chic, funky and youthful. I even have a pink Kate Spade pencil case - with KS pencils and erasers to boot! Haha....

But I am not rich enough to splurge all the time so whenever I am bored and tired, I drop by the website to just look from afar ... :P

And that's what I did during my short break just now! These bags sure caught my attention.

metalllic london small coal
Isn't this amazing? You can bring 
it on a casual outing with girlfriends
or even to a hot date on Friday night.
book of the month clutch
Yup, it's a clutch! How cute 
and chic! I think this would look
great with jeans or a simple plain 

bows art lizard maryanne
This is my absolute favourite! I love the silver 
on the bag and its texture. The ribbon adds a 
sweet twist to the whole look. I can think of many
occasions on which I'll carry it. Ok, if anyone 
is thinking of getting me a bag for my birthday,

splodge dot large tate
Hmmm....I think I have this thing 
for bows, no? Anyway, they have this in 
purple as well. 

five points camille 
I like the fact that it is formal enough to
bring to work yet, in a bright and chirpy 
colour. It'll probably be good for semi-formal 
outings/ events as well. I actually saw a similar 
Prada one before... but Prada is a bit too 
expensive ah....

See? Now I am happy again ... I feel a little more recharged to go on with work. Or maybe, I should just go on dreaming about these gorgeous bags first....


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