Something yellow....

I know I mentioned it before but not sure if it was on twitter or the blog.

I fell in love with this bright yellow bag when we were in KL a few weeks back and until now, I cannot stop thinking abt it .

It is crazy... I saw another orange one, a yellow PVC one .... but my thoughts keeps going back to that same bag.

And just now , husby gave me an ultimatum. I can get either the Burberry watch ($650) or that yellow bag. The ultimatum came today because he knows Reebonz has it (a slightly smaller version though) online now and I have to decide by tomorrow if I wanna get the bag at a good price.

Well, it wasn't a tough decision for me to make. The watch was more of a lustful 'want' and with that kind of price, I could easily get 4 DKNY / GUESS watches which are just as fashionable. But the bag is pure love . Hee hee...

So , yes, I just made the purchase....wee hoo hoo!

I cannot wait... Reebonz, please do not take your own sweet time ok? Must unite me with my love :P