Engagement of Zaki & Faezah

How time flies....

It felt like only yesterday that my little brother got enlisted into the army and ended up signing on for the next five years of his life.
And now, he is officially taken.

The not-so-little brother of mine got engaged over the weekend. It was a small family affair, with only my parents' siblings and families around. Nevertheless, it was a happy event and we were all in high spirits.
I was extra happy because I managed to finish my MYE markings by last Friday morning. Thus, I was all ready to help out and was at my sister's place by 4pm that same Friday.

We started off with wrapping the chocs that were to be the simple favours.

I recently found a love for craftwork so I was more than ready to help decorate the gift trays to be given to the girl's side. Since it was meant to be a simple affair, most of the gifts were food items. Still, it should be made as presentable as possible.. and since my brother wanted everything to be sky blue ...yeps, all decorative items were mostly in that shade.

I was up early the next morning as there were some last minute things to be done . We also had to make sure that the buffet tables were set up and drinks prepared, among others, as our relatives were coming over by 12:30pm .

For those not in the know, in a Malay traditional engagement ceremony, gifts are exchanged between the two parties .... you can keep it simple or be extravagant ...it's really up to the individual . My sister had 17 trays for her engagement and I had NONE (it was difficult to convince my mum though - that I didn't want all these) ! LOL.

Lots of photos now! Pictures speak a thousand words so minimal words ok?  :)

Some of the gift trays from brother

Isn't this pretty ? They are chocolates (with fillings) and even the heart-shaped box is purely made of chocolate. Very sweet and meanigful gifts for any occasion. Check out D'Fine Yourstyle for more designs!


A quick family photo before we left for the girl's side

Happy mummy!

With a favourite cousin

Lil nephew did not want to be left out!

The Pretty 'bride'

Some serious discussions going on

After the discussion about the dowry , wedding etc, we proceeded to the room where the pretty lady was, for the 'ring ceremony'.

In Malay / Muslim  traditional custom, an elder relative will be the one to put on the ring for the 'bride'.

I love the white cage where they placed brother's ring in ...

Next was a small reception at the multi purpose hall. I was rather hungry by then and couldn't wait to attack the food!

Back at home.......

Cheeky brother showing off his engagement ring

A photo of the cake .... modelled after his army uniform :)   Dad said it was the first time he saw such a dirty cake... heehee.

Quails' eggs

Ah ha! Caught in action! But he insisted he was just counting the sweets....yah ,right.......

I still find it rather surreal that my brother is now officially engaged. I still remember those times when he was just so cute and adorable  - not that he is not anymore lah. But in a different way :P

To make it all the most interesting, his fiancee is actually an ex-student of mine! How small can Singapore get! I was the Co-Form teacher of her Sec 4 class when I first started teaching back in 2003.

During a dance performance - try and guess which one is bro's fiancee? And I cannot believe I was super duper thin! I must have been at least 3 sizes smaller :(
Anyway, to my darling brother and ex-student-turned-future-sister-in-law, may you  be blessed with a smooth journey towards marriage and Jannah thereafter :) .


zzanyy said...

It's a small world indeed! Congrats to your brother =)

FQ said...

zzanyy> thank u !