When the husband is away.....

I seek refuge with my boyfren.

He is always there to entertain me and cheer me up when I am missing my husby too much.

In fact , for the 6 days that my other half is away, he invited me to sleep over at his place and has planned many activities over the days.

How I love looking at him sleep  :)

This was taken a few minutes after he scolded me why I was not sleeping yet the first night..so I pretended to snooze.

It was brother's birthday yesterday. Since he had to work in the day and was going for the Sundown Marathon later in the night, it was just a simple celebration at home. But as usual , someone else was more excited than the birthday boy!

He is always up to something.Just two days there at his place, we have had imaginary picnic, shopping trips and played village games, all in his home. I just love kids' creativity.

I am home now , rushing through a hamper order before going out for dinner with parents later.

I miss my darling husby so much ... it is quite tough to be without him .

But at least, there is the ninja hero to entertain me!

Haha! He doesn't wear diapers anymore but found one in his cupboard yesterday! LOL.

3 and half more days before I can finally sleep in peace.