Something Yellow....

I just want to declare that I love my two best buddies and that little princess! Love love love!

Us - at Raffles City
 And the following picture is of us again (sans the princess) exactly 10 years ago!

In denial . No, that is not me.

I am quite amazed at how much we have changed - I refused to use the word 'aged'! :P  But I definitely prefer my current eyes and nose. Not that they are looking fantastic or that I've gone to modify them ... but my double eyelids are definitely more evident and my nose has somehow become slightly smaller and just a teeny bit sharper. LOL. But of course, cannot fight with Rahayu's nose!

(And yes, of all my features, if there is on thing I wld wanna change ,that'll be the nose).

I wonder when the next meet-up is...there are plans for some spa escapades . Let it come true , please.