The Hana Tajima Style

If you are a shawl-lover like yours truly, you would probably have heard of Hana Tajima.

Who is Hana Tajima?
Hana Tajima is a British who is half-Japanese and half-English. She converted to Islam 6 years ago when she was 17. Frustrated with the limited choices for young Muslim ladies, she started her own clothing line and is now a fashion designer.

(23 years old and successful already? Lucky her!)

And currently, the Hana Tajima shawl style is the rage. No more neatly-tied / wrapped shawls.... her style is more of the messy , uneven look. You know , just like how the messy-hair look can be fashionable, so can the messy-shawl look! :)

Here she is , in 3 different styles  (pictures are googled)....

She has a youtube channel as well, where she puts up tutorials of how to style the hijabs, her style.

Here are two of my favourites....

I have yet to master any of her styles although I have seen some people wearing them and they look really good. I am still quite far from that. However, the downside of this style is that it doesn't cover your chest . I am used to having my shawls big enough to cover my chest (we are supposed to do that, anyway) so I had to modify a little.

I was trying to take a decent pic while the car was on the move :P

It was really pretty easy to put on and handle. Usually I do not take off my shawl when I do my prayers outside because it can be troublesome to start pinning and wrapping it again. But not this style! Since there isn't much structure to it, I actually managed to do it in a jiffy!

I am still trying to perfect it and get used to it though ... I hope I can score a 10 soon :)

Here's one more attempt at modifying it to suit me . Not as good , I think this makes me look fat!

Just because my husby recently commented that my right profile is better than the left, I've been taking pictures that way. LOL. Must revert back to taking from all angles.

Now that the exams are over and no more markings for the time being, I think I will spend more time watching hijab and make-up tutorials , and hopefully, hone my skills!