Chuggington @ Downtown East

It's Chuggington Time!

Get ready to ride the rails in a traintastic interactive adventure with the loveable locomotive Trainee from Chuggington - Wilson, as he brings you around Downtown East to have tons of fun and meet his friends Brewster, Koko, M’Tambo and Eddie!

It was just meant to be a quick early lunch with parents and nephew.. when he asked if we could have lunch at Downtown East because there was Chuggington. I do not know much about the Chuggington series but since I had some time to spare, why not?

We had lunch at BBQ Chicken before we went to buy tickets for the train ride. Yup, kids get to ride on the train and take a tour around Downtown East. How cute!

Holding on to his passport for the train ride. He was so proud to write down his name when given a marker to do so.

It was quite a while waiting for the other kids before he could board the train, as there were some hand-painting services going on. As expected, nephew refused to do so!

The train made 2 pit stops before coming to an end. At the first station , they were suppossed to take individual photos , against the green screen. However, due to some technical glitches, the kids were given markers to colour the pictures in their passports.

First round of phototaking --- had to redo it because of the glitches.

So absorbed! He was with this "kor kor" throughout the stop at the first station. Kor Kor was very nice to entertain him .

At the next station , they had some games and quizzes on Chuggington. However, by this time, the little nephew was already yawning and showing signs of falling asleep .It was actually his nap time... poor boy...

Done ...on the way back!

I suppose he did enjoy his Chuggington experience and he was really happy to collect his photo at the end of it all. If only he had been more awake towards the end....

This event goes on till 24 June from 1pm - 9pm.

Train ride tickets are $10 each but if you have NTUC PLUS! card or the Explorer Kid's card, it is only $8.

One and a half more weeks before school holidays end, there cannot be a better time! :)