Something bright , something yellow from Marc Jacobs. (Reebonz)

Well, I never really posted anything about my awesome powsome buy , did I?

It all started during our KL getaway last March. We didn't really plan to shop much but seriously, who were we kidding? Put the two of us in a good mall and just let us loose - see what happens :)

Anyway , we were done with our shopping at KLCC and were just browsing through. I went into Gucci first then Kate Spade ( and there was this attractive and striking orange bag!) .. I was just about to pass by Marc Jacobs when something yellow caught my attention.

It was this gorgeous looking bright yellow quilted bag , with dark gold chains as the straps. I held it, smelled it .... and fell in love with this pure lambskin. But we always must face reality so I took a peek at the price tag.


Ok, steep. That's about Sg$1870 - I have never spent more than $1000 on any bags before. However, this one was a tad too big for me so I thought if they have it in a slightly smaller size, it'll probably be more affordable and suitable as well.

They had it but not in stock yet! Going for RM3200 (SGD 1391) ... sounded slightly better. But I had to console myself that it probably was not meant to be and let it go at that.

Weeks passed and after a long hiatus, I decided to pay Reebonz a visit, you know, just for fun. I have not stopped thinking about the yellow bag , though.

And guess what? They just started a Marc Jacobs thread and that exact same bag ( the slightly smaller version ) was for grabs for slightly less than 1k.

Seriously, I got super excited and my heart definitely beat faster! But I could not buy impulsively until I got the green light from hubby.

And yes, I got it! I think he knew how much in love I was with it.

So , in a matter of 3 days, the lovely signature black box and gold ribbon were in my hands...

But I remember I was really tired from work and I actually went to bed without opening it. Yeah, that tired!

It was , however, a worthwhile wait.

Marc Jacobs Yellow Lambskin Quilted Handbag. Mad love!

I am still in love with it . I've used it thrice and stopped there - decided to keep it first while it still smells of leather. Hee hee...

Our first outing together :P

I realise that now when I shop, I tend to look for colours. My staples used to be black and beige, with the occasional pink. But lately, I have been buying tops of solid and bright colours like purple, emerald green , yellow,  orange and sky blue! Very unlike me but somehow I am just so drawn to these colours . Now I am even on the lookout for yellow and green jeans.... perhaps I need the colourful hues to counter my increasing age... heehee...

Next , I am waiting for my Tangerine Tutti Fruitti from Haney Bags, which will reach me in a week. That will probably spell the last purchase for bags this year. I need to save up for more important things :)

Can't wait! It is a cute handcarry with a pop of colour!

I really do hope this will be my last bag for the year. I rarely make such resolutions and I sure pray that this will be a success.

Till the next post , toodles!