Wildlife-themed Rooftop Playground @ Tampines One

Kids and playgrounds can never be separated.

When I was in primary school, I looked forward to every other Sunday whereby my dad would bring my sister and I to the playground beside our flat. We were never allowed to play at the void deck or playground without parents' supervision (and thank god for that!) so it was really something we treasure.

Playgrounds nowadays are so different from the yesteryears. I remember that I hated the sand that covered the whole floor area of every playground. As kids, it was difficult to walk in the sand and I always tripped whenever I got down the see-saw! Maybe it was just me but getting scratches and abrasions after playing at the playground was nothing uncommon :P

I think most parents appreciate the fact that playgrounds nowadays are much more child-friendly.

The most recent one which we brought our nephew to was the rooftop playground at Tampines One. We did not really plan to bring him there...were just out shopping when I remembered this newly-launched playground. Of course, at the mere mention of the word ' playground', the little boy got excited and kept rushing us through our shopping. Grr.

It was all the way on top (duh, rooftop...) - pretty small to me but big enough for those kids. There were so many of them having fun with one another - what a great place to make friends!

So here we are!

Wildlife-themed Rooftop Water Playground @ Tampines 1

Warming up with his uncle.....

I really wanted to let him get wet and play with the water ... but my mum didn't allow him to so all he could do was wet his hands and feet. Next time, must bring swimsuit!

Making friends with 'Jie Jie' who went a little too fast on the see-saw that he shouted for her to stop. LOL

That's about the most amount of water he got into... heh...

He kept giving this kind of smile that day... I have no idea why.

It's probably not so clear in this photo but at the far end, kids were going crazy over the mini slide that ends in a pool of water. Next time ok , darling?

We only realised that this was meant for 5 - 12 yrs old when we were going home! Hehe...

Sigh....always going against rules.... :P

Now that's better!
There is also a place for you to rest and sit down if you do not feel like mixing around with the kids.
Or, if you are like my mum, who'd rather check her Facebook :P

So there you go - another place to bring ur kiddo, lil siblings, nephews , nieces etc.... just don't forget their swimsuits or a change of clothes! 
The playground is open from 10am to 9.30pm daily (except Mondays 12pm to 9.30pm) and it is FREE admission.

Have fun, kids!