Take 5, everyone!

I always get excited whenever I see Halal food outlets. Well, you cannot exactly blame me for that.

Ten years back, halal restaurants were just starting to sprout. Even so, many felt they were still inferior to non-halal ones... already , there were very few to start with.

But now, whenever I go out with non-Muslim friends, food is no longer an issue. There are really many places that Muslims can now eat, without any doubt about the halal factor :) One more good factor about my lovely country!

Hehe... anyway , we were at Novena Square this afternoon. I was really hungry. We didn't feel like splurging at Bali Thai and we didn't see Popeye's in time, and thus, we ended up at TAKE 5!

As lovers of the colour red, we were easily pleased with the layout of the place. I love the polka dots!

Very bright and cheery! Fyi, that girl in blue was having intensive tuition with her mother. Remind me not to do that with my future kid :) Go out means go out - no books!

Very much like a fast-food place

The whole setting is just like another express fast-food place. The only difference is that they do not sell fast food.

The dishes there are mainly rice and noodles versions allthough they do have simple Western food like Paprika fries, chicken cutlet etc.

I was basically the only one eating as husby wasn't hungry yet. I couldn't decide between the Chicken Ham Noodle and the Chicken Hor Fun....

The buzzer that you take to your table and wait for it to buzz - which means food is ready for collection.

Chicken Ham Noodles $5.50-- I was slightly disappointed to see that it was just maggie noodles. But the light, tasty gravy/soup sure made up for it. I really liked the chicken ham , egg and chicken floss which I proceeded to soak in the gravy before consumption. With the mandatory cili padi, I was a satisfied customer. BURP!

DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER! Although the ice-kacang was colourful enough and huge ($3.50 - expensive!), it was the most horrible one I have ever tasted. Basically, it was tasteless regardless of the colourful syrups. I could only taste the corn and ice.

The food is , perhaps, slightly overpriced although still lower than some foodcourts.

Perhaps, they needed that price-booster to cover costs.

PLASMA screens ( at least 5 of them) to showcase the menu. The pictures on the screen change every few seconds ... this is definitely high maintenance

Husby wasn't eating so he had all the time in the world to watch his lovely and pretty wife eat away ..... hahaha....I didn't even know he snapped this photo of me until I tried uploading the photos just now!

Almost no make-up simply because we were in a hurry to go out in the morning. But I like that my arms look slimmer here... LOL. 

My take is TAKE 5 is an ok place for you if you just wanna have a quick bite but not for fast food. I definitely need to try out other dishes before I can give a fair verdict.

I am not sure if they have other outlets. It was the first time I came across a branch... well, there's always Google! :P