Earthquake in Japan

 Honestly, ever since I heard about the Japan earthquake, I have been avoiding the the newspapers and even the TV.

 I just cannot look at the pictures. My stomach wrenches, I would feel like crying and then I start feeling very scared and imagine the worst.

I am so so afraid of losing my loved ones this way.

But yesterday after the 9pm CHinese show, I was not quick enough to switch the channels and the Chinese News showed pictures and video footages of the earthquake and the subsequent tsunami.

My heart really goes out to Japan - victims, survivors and everyone else. I cannot describe how I feel in words....

I hope that my dear friend Rita is safe and will be safe . She just updated on Facebook that she and darling Nadya are safe for now but hubby is away , elsewhere in the area. I know her family is trying to make her come back to Singapore asap.

Rita and family, I pray that you three will be safe and sound ... and hopefully, not affected at all by this sad catastrophe, Insya'Allah...