Shopping at Shopbop!


I discovered a few weeks back (ok ok , I know I am slowwww....) and I wish I had discovered it way sooner.

I have online shopped before but it had always been local websites. I have this fear that I would face problems when dealing with international sites.

Fears were totally unnecessary.

It was very easy to shop at and if you hit USD100, it is free shipping! Z.E.R.O DOLLARS. How cool! And it is obviously very easy to hit USD100. Really.

The items are categorized accordingly and you can choose to view by designers. This makes life easy as you do not have to peel your eyes to the monitor to ensure you do not miss out on what you actually want. I think Marc Jacobs has joined my fav Kate Spade on my list of fav brands.  (I do not have many favs though)

 I have been looking for this bag for ages! Found it in Orchard before but not in the colour that I want. It retails for about $350 in local boutiques but look at how much I save! With the free shipping, my new darling only cost me abt $230. Talk about saving money! Who says shopping is a waste of money ? *chuckles*

I got the above and a few other knick-knacks.

I was informed by my cousin that  I must ensure my package did not exceed SGD400 as tax will be imposed in such cases. So as you can see from above, I separated my packages. Hee.... Go die, GST!

One of the best things abt online shopping ( for me, at least.... ) is the fact that I can track my purchases 'flying' to Singapore! Cheap thrill , I know... but nevertheless, a thrill still.....

They promised to deliver within 3 working days. I got mine in 4. But I am not complaining. That is faster than some of the local companies even. 
Next I am going to check out heard so many great reviews about it , it will be a waste not to check it out :)