Get ur beauty products at!

If you know me, you would know I am such an avid online shopper.

I have bought so many things online; bags, watches, make up, shawls, brooches, shoes, plates... just name it! :P For a short while last year, I was even 'lost' when I tried shopping physically. I did not know where to start from when I was in any shopping centre. I guess this must be because I was used to having everything in front of my eyes and everything was  just a click away.

Thank god that didn't last long, I got over it after a few more 'practices'. Heehee. I can definitely shop online and offline. :P

Recently, or rather at the beginning of the year, I discovered a local site that sells beauty products - skincare, perfumes, make up etc . I tried it and I think they have earned another loyal customer - me!

Can you see there are so many things on their home page? Initially, I was a little turned off - I definitely prefer clean sites , where the interface does not look so confusing or intimidating.

But then, I realised it wasn't confusing at all. They just had to put that many pictures of items / those on promotions so that we , the customers, do not miss out on anything!


They have practically almost all the brands you can think of. Easy navigation eventually , all you have to do is click on the correct category.

If you wonder about the authenticity of their products, no worries! They are a reputable company selling only original goods (they also ship overseas).  And of course, any consumer will want to go for a better value for money and this site proves to be so.

One of my recent purchases was the SK II 215ml Facial Treatment Essence , or better known as the "Miracle Water".


Retail price over the counter is about $200. Usually, I buy my supply at Tins N Bottles at Century Square for approx $180 but look there! $157! I saved so much!

This site is also recommended if you are one who likes to buy items in travel sizes. I loaded up on my Clarins moisturizer - now I can bring them wherever I go, at a fraction of the original price!
I haven't gotten to the best part yet . You need to spend ONLY $50 for free delivery! On top of that, they are really efficient. I did the recent order on Thursday at 4pm and the items were delivered the next day at 1pm!

So you save time, energy and transport costs - all at a click of the mouse!

I cannot believe I have missed out on this wonderful site (heard that it has been around for quite some time) but it is never too late to start, isn't it?

The next time you run out of facial products etc , give this a try :) It is worth your money.


Shirley Lye said...

i always buy my cosmetics and skin care products from BBW. they are really efficient and sometimes they can be cheaper than those u purchase from the departmental stores =).

FairyQueen said...

PrincessMic > Hi Princess (love ur nick!) I do agree they are super efficient but not everything is cheaper, right? Must do homework :)