Grilled Salmon with Happycall

 I know I am a bit late in getting into the craze of the Happycall pan from Korea.

I heard so many good reviews  but was pretty skeptical about it still. I thought it was just another frying pan to enable cooking.

However, when a friend of mine who doesn't really know how to cook told me that she made chilli crab for dinner using this pan, I immediately went on to find out more about it online.

Read reviews, reports and watch real-life videos of cooking sessions using this pan - I was sold!

My sister managed to get it online almost 3 weeks ago but I could only find the time to try it out a few days back.

We bought some salmon and I checked out some recipes online. I found one that was relatively easy and with some modifications, we had Honey Glazed Grilled Salmon for lunch!

4 tablespoons of honey (I used Polleney)
4 tablespoons of soy sauce (you may cut this down to 3 or make it 5, depending on your preference)
Lemon juice , freshly squeezed , abt 3/4 of a lemon
Herbs of your choice
2 teaspoons of oil

 Step 1: Mix the honey, soy sauce and lemon juice in a bowl. Stir well.

Step 2: Glaze the salmon fillets , front and back, with the mixture.

Step 3: Sprinkle the herbs, front and back. I used mixed herbs and italian herbs but you can try out others too , eg rosemary and basil leaves.

Step 4: Heat oil in Happycall fan. Once heated, placed the salmon in the pan. Close the lids till you hear a 'click' sound. Let it cook on medium heat for 8 minutes.

It was my first time so I was quite wary of the salmon getting burnt that I kept opening the lids to check. But don't do that ok? The closed lids will trap the heat inside and ensure that food is well-cooked so if one keeps opening the lids, it'll definitely slow down the cooking.

After 8 mins, you turned over the pan , with the lids still closed , of course. Slow heat for another 5 mins......

and TA DAAAAH!!!!

They were actually cooked but I wanted them to be slightly crispy/burnt so I extended the time by another 4 mins or so. 

See? It is really easy. This pan is a god-send :)

You can serve it with coleslaw, potatoes, asparagus....anything that you feel like.

I decided to sprinkle some potato cubes with pepper and salt, and popped them in the oven for a while - baked potatoes :)

Added in some boiled carrots and we had a healthy and complete meal for lunch!

Oh, there would definitely some extra of the mixture of honey and soy sauce. What you can do is boil it and pour over the salmon later.

Verdict: I think this Hapycall pan has a lot of potential in assisting me with cooking and trying out more dishes. I am gonna try peanut pancake next , hope it will work!


Unknown said...

looks so yummy! shall try that too! ^^

FairyQueen said...

FQ: Hey,! Happy trying!