Hear the baby Lions Roar!

It has been a rather exciting journey , I bet , for the Singapore cubs.

I still remember how fascinated I was in watching soccer matches when Singapore was still playing in the Malaysia Cup. My dad would occasionally bring me and my sister to Kallang stadium for the home matches. How I enjoyed screaming my lungs out and moving with the beats of the drums !

I was only about nine years old when I learnt the terms such as "Referee kayu!" and many other vulgarities. LOL.

When Singapore got into all those mess about bribery and eventually pulling out (or were they kicked out? Not sure...) of the Malaysia Cup, I tried to take an interest in the S-League.

But I got bored and never bother since.

So , it was definitely a good surprise to watch the Cubs in action. Bearing in mind they are youths, their fighting spirit is something that we should look up to.

They lost to Haiti sadly. That wasn't a top form for them but I also felt that Haiti players were sooooooooooo dramatic. ..... can go put up a play or something! Haha.....

I could only catch the second half of the match last night agianst the Montenegros. And it was a very warm feeling to see the delightful faces of our youths.... innocently happy with their victory.

I have read some negative comments on the Internet - about how they are able to get a Bronze only because the other powerhouses did not send their teams in. Gosh! Such dampeners... Come on! Why can't these people just be happy for these youngsters and give their congratulations? I wonder if they could have done it when they were 14!!!!!

Grrrrrrr....see, pissed off already....

Oh well..... Congrats, Singapore Cubs! A bronze at YOG is something you can be proud of!

Hear the Kallang Roar.........


paradise said...

oh yeah, another bronze for singapore. did you watch the match singapore vs haiti. watching closing ceremony tonight>

FairyQueen said...

paradise> I watched! Haiti players were so drama mama!