What I did on National Day 2010

So it was a very lazy Monday morning.... no Monday blues though, since I got to get out of bed only at 10am :) heehee.....If only every morning is like that ...

Husby had to rush off to fetch his mum at 11 plus so I had to come up with something quick and easy to prepare for BRUNCH. Yeah , breakfast and lunch rolled into one.

We had this for brunch!

I was feeling  domestic that day and husby has been craving for it so I baked cookies!

I was commenting to husby that I felt like a housewife as I carried on with doing the laundry and sweeping the floor. To my surprise, he mentioned that he would love for me to be a housewife! An obvious reason is that I can pamper him !!!! Hahhaa...... u wait long long ok? As much as I feel that my job is stressful and tiring, I am not ready to be a housewife yet. Maybe when we have more than 2 kids ? :P

But it was still a nice idea, all the same. Then can wake up late everyday! LOL.

After watching the earlier part of the NDP , we went over to my parents' place as my dad wanted to bring us out for dinner.

The little nephew was really excited and hyper....I think he missed us as much as we missed him. Tataku! ( "I love you" , in his language) .

Giving that grumpy look .

Throwing mini tantrums during dinner. But , still very cute . 

He must do some funny / weird faces 
whenever I try to snap a pic. Haiz....

Mock sharks' fin soup. Husby is quite an environmentalist 
so we haven't had the real thing for quite some time.

The rest of the spread. See the empty space? 
That's where the chilli crabs were placed 
next - right in front of me!!! YUmmmmmSssssss......

Yeah .... so that was how I spent my National Day hols. It is supposed to be a holiday still today but I have to report for duty soon, in about 3 hours' time and would probably be home only after 9pm.

Besides National Day as a highlight , tomorrow would be the first day of Ramadhan - the fasting month for all Muslims. That means , I have to wake up early to cook for the daily pre-dawn meals.

So, Happy National Day to Singapore and all Singaporeans and Salam Ramadhan to fellow Muslim brothers and sisters ! :)