I am a happy lady ! :)

Knocked off from work at 11:00 , after all the celebrations and settling some admin matters.

I had brought home most of my overdue work yesterday so my hands were free from anything else, except my usual bag. It was such a good feeling to leave the gate , knowing that I can have see husby for 24 hrs for 4 days STRAIGHT! That is such a privilege....

I should not be happy actually. It is going to be a long weekend - with Monday and Tuesday being holidays as well. Some of my colleagues are already leaving for KL tonight.

I am JEALOUS because I am stuck in Singapore for all four days.

Parents and family are going back to Muar tomorrow morning....it is going to be a super fun reunion with the relatives back in the village. Plus, my favourite cousins are going also. But we cannot go :(

There is YOG rehearsal tomorrow which is going to end only at 12:45 MIDNIGHT! Yups. You saw it right! Reporting time is at 1pm... Thank God I am not the one on duty tomorrow.

But I will have my turn . Got to go back to work on TUesday as the kids are performing for the Lighting of the YOG Cauldron at Temasek Polytechnic in the evening. There goes my holiday! There is still another end-after-midnight rehearsal the next day... I am going to be so dead beat....

However, I shall look on the brighter side. I am gonna bake cookies tomorrow and on Sunday , I am going to start on my project (will share on that later). I can't wait ! :P

So .....enjoy your weekend people! And Happy (advanced) Birthday, Singapore