We decided to go to town yesterday afternoon.

We went out rather early  - @11 am for a late breakfast, after which he had his hair cut at Kimage in Rivervale ( yes, no other branch allowed! ). So by the time we were done, it was close to 2pm. Traffic on CTE was heavy -  I wonder why it is like that ALL the time!

Orchard was packed as usual , throngs of people were walking down the streets, leaving not much space in between each person. I haven't walked for long distances for quite a while so it was definitely good exercise :)

So after about 4 hours, we ended up with these....

3 pairs of shoes. Guess which is mine? Quick !


The answer is ......... NONE!!!

Yeah , can you believe that?

Why in the world would a guy need so many shoes for , right? This is a ladies' job , isn't it?

Well, apparently not lah! Guys nowadays are as vain as the ladies.... heehee.....  But I like! I prefer guys who put in the effort to look good :) Fifty points for you, husby!

Ok, what did he buy?

 Planned: Brown Beetle. To replace his
worn-out brown Beetlebug shoes for work.

Planned: Blue Tennis Barricade 5 . His tennis 
shoes just gave way so this is a legitimate reason.

UNPLANNED! Hehe... oklah , semi-planned. 
His white pair that we got for the wedding will
need replacement very since 
we saw a cool pair at Pedro, why not yah? After 
all, he paid - not me . Haha.

I actually saw a very nice pair of sandals at Pretty Fit and it was even going at 40% discount! He was this close to getting it for me .... but I humbly declined :P I couldn't believe how much resistance I had ... heheh....I was even satisfied just by trying out the pretty heels at Pedro. Trying is free!

Well, there is no more space for any new shoes for me in the cabinet anyway. I have taken up most of the places so I shall hold on and persevere for at least the next 3 months.

Being a little domestic, we got curtains for the guest room , at Taka......

Now, the Hari Raya shopping is almost completed. Only things left to buy would be the ingredients for baking the cookies / goodies. Yups, you read it right ! I am going to try baking 3 types , all on my own . It just so happens that Hari Raya falls on the Friday of the September week hols..... I shall be a housewife for that week :)

Did I really not get anything yesterday? A little difficult to stomach , right? :P

Well, I have been planning to get this and I did !

The courts store opposite Somerset @ 313 was so inviting that I couldn't resist! So far , I like what I purchased. I had some fun trying out the various scene modes.... will figure the other functions out later.

Oh , and I bought the materials for my little project ...

The little project shall remain a secret until it is successfully done ..if not, very paiseh! Hehe.... I am going to give it a go today .

Gonna be alone at home for the next 9 hours - shall catch up on the forgotten housework!

Enjoy your Sunday!