Job Options


Should I change jobs?

Hehe....ok , it is not that I am very serious on this but once in a while, I do give it some thoughts.

What can I do if I quit teaching?

1. Business - Fashion and accessories
2. Take up a professional diploma in make-up and become a freelance make-up artist.
3. Events coordinator 
4. ermmm..... babysitter?
5. Dancer? my dreams lah! Too old !

Alright, I think I am being very ridiculous here. After the first two options, I am super stuck at what else I could do if I quit teaching.

1. I would love to do venture into this. I definitely take great interest in fashion and accessories although I may not be very experimental with it myself. But I would love to dress people up! Haha....and I think I can do a good job! Tried a few times with cousins and friends for certain functions.

I think I would LOVE to have a job like Becky Bloomwood in Confessions of the Shopaholics! Her job is to shop for people , who are just too busy to think of their outfits. That would be super heavenly! But the Singapore market is pretty small for personal shoppers yah?

2. Again , anything to do with making others look good appeals much to me.

3. Oooh, yet another that I enjoy doing! Teachers are often involved in organising events and functions, anyway. I have done my fair share of helping to organise Teachers' Day Celebration Dinner, Year-End Dinner, Concerts and of course, my pride and joy - musicals!

I think it is the whole planning, meeting up with potential clients, site survey , executing the plans and dealing with people that give me the great adrenaline rush that I enjoy totally! Perhaps another reason why I loved planning our wedding then ... :P ...  hmmmm..... but I am aware that to be working in events management field, it involves working at odd hours...

Ah! Maybe I can just focus on kids' parties and weddings ? :P

4. Babysitter . Haha!!!! Only if maximum of two kids at a time! I would faint if I have to handle so many at one go - regardless of how cute they can be!

5. Dancer? Ok, forget that!

I always try to think of any other hidden talents that I can make use of, in case I ever quit teaching. It was a slow realisation ... but I think my talent is in teaching. And , I like teaching. There is a great sense of achievement and satisfaction when a good lesson in delivered - either in terms of imparting knowledge or sharing with the students life values and skills.

I enjoy hanging out with the students (the nice ones, of course!) and I think, dealing with the young ones makes me more aware of the trends among the younger generation , and of course, stay young at heart! :)

I guess , IF I ever resign from MOE, I would still want to teach... be it at a private school or giving tuition.The thing about teaching in a government school is that it saps a lot of one's energy but I shall not waste my breath on that (No time!)  ...An ideal place might be S.O.T.A - School of the Performing Arts .... killing 2 birds with one stone! :)

Again , this would be just one of those times I entertain my crazy thoughts. But it is never too early to make plans, is it ? 

Let me give myself another 3 more years and we shall see what happens ...


Ibu Mustaqim said...

I think u shld balance it.. Give private tuition AND venture into business of.... DIAPERCAKES!! Go and take the course .. Then start slowly by word of mouth.. I can be your marketing manager.. Oh and u can also expand into towel cakes, cosmetic cakes.. Fun fun fun!! ON?? Heehee

FairyQueen said...

Ha? I think that sounds more like my mother ! :P

Ibu Mustaqim said...

Your mother not my mother ar? haha.. join forces lah!

Merrinette said...

dont quit til you found a new job!
you can always try opening a blogshop online ;)

FairyQueen said...

Merrenette> Heh, dun worry! I still need to pay bills, wont quit as yet! :P

FairyQueen said...

Merrenette> Heh, dun worry! I still need to pay bills, wont quit as yet! :P