My project - DIAPERCAKES!

Remember I once mentioned I have a little secret , a little project going on?

Time to reveal what it is all about!

I discovered Diapercakes about two years back.

What exactly is a diapercake?

Well, as you can probably guess from the name , it is a 'cake' or made to look like a cake ... and the 'ingredients' are baby diapers. You can make it as high as possible , the highest I have seen is a 7-tiered one. You adorn it with frills, ribbon and whatever that creative mind decides on. It makes a very good gift for a baby shower or for an after-birth gift.

The original diapercake is very simple. Just diapers and ribbons.

Over time, 'bakes' got creative and started to add into the list of 'ingredients' things like baby rompers, bibs, pacifiers, toys .... basically, anything. Some creaters are even more creative and are able to make thematic diapercakes.

Here are some pictures of the diapercakes I have ordered before for my then-prgenant friends.

Creative and inspiring , aren't they?

Well, I was talking to (or rather texting with ) my sister some time back about my 'retirement' plan .Heh. Well, it is never too late to plan , right? So she suggested doing up diapercakes myself and see where I can go from there.

I was rather excited about her proposal and immediately started scouring the Internet and watching Youtube tutorials on how to 'bake' a diapercake. Alas, every tip found on the Internet was simple and basic.... no lessons on how to put all the other ingredients inside together -  besides the diapers , of course.

Thus, I decided to try it out myself. I borrowed nephew's clothes , bought the diapers and did a little shopping for my materials.

It was my first attempt and I think I did not do too badly. :)

Apple of Mommy's Eye
29 M Size Diapers
1 baby blanket
1 romper
3 wash cloths
2 baby bibs
4 baby clothes pegs

I was pretty much excited with the outcome. It took me about 3 hours since it was my first time and there were many things that I learnt through trial and error.

I put up the pictures on FB and received positive comments. This is definitely a motivation for me to further improve my skills :)

Oh, and I have my first order! Yeah! ....Actually, it comes from my sister. She has already placed an order with my usual contact for her friend's baby but since mine looks quite 'edible' , she has decided to cancel hers and let me do it!  I am super excited ! 

Now , I have 2 projects on hand... one as mentioned and the other for my lovely cousin who is popping soon.

Things like this make me happy :) :) :)