Watch spree! Wheeeeeee.............

It is no secret how I love shopping with my husband. I doubt there are many who enjoys the same privilege as I do but I declare that my best shopping buddy is my husby! (on hindsight, maybe not a rare thing to see anymore. I know a few guys who love to shop).

I love how we are each other's fashion consultant. At times when I am unsure if the shoes match the bag, or if my shawl goes with the skirt, he is always there to help out. Sometimes, he will make me try all so that he can see which one best fits , instead of just saying if one goes with the other. I have told him time and again how thankful I am to marry him :)

Another similarity besides our love for shoes is our love for watches!

There is a City Chain watch shop in Whitesands which we are really comfortable with. The sales people are very nice and more importantly, not pushy! I hate pushy salesmen/women - feel like kicking them sometimes! ANd this shop is always having some kind of promotion throughout the year , even for the newest models. The shop has been around for many years and we hope it is always there to stay . We have bought quite a number of watches there.

So what did we buy recently?

Or rather, what did he buy?

I like ALL of his choices! Especially the last one! Hehe.... I think he now needs to get just a white-coloured pair of watch because his only white watch from Mondoe is actually turning yellow!

(We went to Mondoe after reading reviews from Xiaxue last year. Perhaps we were the unlucky few but in my honest opinion, Mondoe sucks! I never wear the red one I bought from it anymore! So next look out will be for a red one).

Initially, he wanted to get me this Burberry watch that I have been eyeing. But recently, I made a big purchase so I didn't feel good about buying a $650 watch. Imagine the number of other things I can buy with $650!

But being the compassionate person he is ( heehee...) , he did still get me something. And I really like it :)

Well, the photo doesn't do it justice. This watch is a lovely shade of champagne gold, with a contrasting white rim and off-white face - plus diamantes on the face. Pretty!!!!!

Thank u , darling! Next one a red Gucci? LOL. Fat hope.

Well, do drop by that shop - it is just beside MAcDOnalds- if you ever need to purchase a watch. Highly recommended !

SInce I have just downloaded the photo collage app on my phone, I tried it on his watches...


Now I just cannot wait for my purchase from Reebonz to reach me. Hurry please!


zzanyy said...

Wow! That's a lot of watches! Good looking ones too.
And I love shopping with my bf for the same reason as you. =D

FairyQueen said...

zzanny> isn't it a lovely feeling - to shop with the other half? :))