He says the most lovely things...

You know how we always find toddlers cute and wish they will not grow up so fast?

THat applies to how I feel about my nephew. The best time actually was when he was before 3 ... but even now , I do sometimes wish he is always this adorable and cute.

The lil kid had HMFD the past few days and has been staying away from school for a week. I was really busy and did not have time to visit him at all. It was quite torturous actually ... I thought about him all the time and kept wondering how he was doing.

We finally managed to squeeze in some time and saw him on Monday evening. The feeling of joy upon seeing him was made even sweeter when he expressed his joy in seeing me as well! :P

He said something really sweet and heart-melting twice when I was there.

Scene 1
He was lying on his mattress in the living room..

Him: Mak Long, can u lie down beside me?
Me: Why do u want me to do that?
Him: Because..because.. I want to hug u.

He hugged me for a whole 3 minutes , arms around my shoulders while we lay down facing each other. It could have been longer but I needed to help prepare dinner. But sweet, isn't it?

Scene 2
He just finished going to the toilet and asked me to help put on his pants for him (usually he can do it on his own).

While I was putting his pants on him, he patted my head and said,
" Mak Long, Mustaqim rindu mak long tau." (Mak Long, I miss you , you know).

Touching or what????

He is 3 and already is a charmer. Sigh . Melt melt.


He is getting better and back to his chatty self. I like !