Late post on BENDAHARA

[Continued from the 1st post on Bendahara here]

2 weeks have passed since the mega production where my 'kids' had a part to play in.

It was a first time for all of them to be involved in a performance so massive that I am sure it was something they will never forget.

It was definitely a good platform for the students to learn how things work backstage, the numerous rehearsals each performer has to go through before a show, the tears and joy shared with the whole team and sharpening their abilities to handle any last minute changes. All for the audience to enjoy a great performance.

I was already heavily involved in the performing arts since primary school (and all the way to JC - had to stop after that) so I understand how exhilirating and nerve-wrecking it is while waiting for their turn to go on stage. However, they were involved in just 2 scenes of the whole musical so there was a lot of waiting in between.

And kids being kids, they filled up the time monkey-ing around and taking pictures!

After a while, I got their bug and ended up joining them in the camwhoring moments  :P

They had to put up three shows and husby and I went for the last one , which was on Saturday evening. I felt like a mum to all 22 of them because I was just excited to see them perform, and was waiting in anticipation for their appearance on stage.

I have watched Sri Warisan's earlier productions the past years. Both husby and I feel that they have much to improve when it comes to script writing because there have been areas where the dialogues / movements just fell flat. Some parts also seemed draggy, as if there was a lack of ideas for the character. However, I would say this Bendahara production is the best one among all the other productions of theirs.

Their set designs were done by the very well-known Istana Budaya of Malaysia. I like all the designs for the various scenes.

And the students are still talking about the production - and harping on how much they miss the whole experience. Good! More to come, I hope :)

Ok, my outfit may look a bit funny but I actually like it ... haha ! It was meant to be a skirt but being the very petite me , I ended up wearing it as a dress . I had initially wanted to alter the length but I think now I shall keep it as it is.

With Raihanah.
Skirt/tube dress: KL Bazaar
Black turtleneck Inner: H &M
Belt: No idea :P
Bracelets: Cotton On
Flower Brooch: DIVA
Shawl: (UK)
Strappy Wedges: Pretty Fit
Bag: Kate SPade Nylon Mae
We didn't have dinner earlier so by the time everything ended, it was about 11pm and we were super famished. We decided to go to Teh Tarik Cafe Cartell at EAst Coast (24 hrs btw) and I actually ate egg prata at such a late hour! Gosh!

Shall end this post with a photo which husby snapped while the hungry wife smiled ...heheheh....