Oh gosh...

I am DROWNING in my markings. I have been marking everyday , non-stop whenever I have the time. In total, I had 194 essays to mark in a week!

Next Monday is the start of the mid-year exams so I have to finish everything to ensure that students can get back all their work this week.

It is a rather welcoming thought that exams start next week. One, I do not have to plan lessons or prepare any new work. BUT the marking marathon will start all over again.

I just received my marking load for the MYE. Nothing fantastic to talk about, really  :P

And the house is now in a mess because we doing some mini-renovations to it. So dusty! *cough cough*

At least, I have something to look forward to tomorrow - Romeo and Juliet! I hope it will be a good one.

So all students sitting for the mid year exams very soon, all the best! As for my fellow teachers, well.....  hope the markings won't kill :P