We have been wanting to catch Wicked ever since it touched down on Singapore land. But due to our horribly busy schedules, we only managed to catch it last Sunday at Marina Bay Sands theatre.

WICKED tells the untold story of the Witches of Oz. Long before Dorothy dropped in, two other girls meet in the Land of Oz. One, born with emerald green skin, is smart, fiery and misunderstood. The other is beautiful, ambitious and very popular. WICKED tells the story of how these two unlikely friends grow to become the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good.

We caught the 1:30pm show so it was quite a mad rush after the Zuhur prayers. So rushed that I was practically running from the carpark to the theatre in my pretty green skirt! Still a lil upset about that because I love my outfit for that day yet there was no time for a single picture...grrrrr....

But of course, nothing could have spoilt my day because the musical was really awesome to the max! I was already impressed by the stage setting when I stepped into the theatre.

Photo from TravelerFolio

Like other musicals, the stage designs change for every scene and I was really blown away by the whole set. It felt like I was in the World of Oz for the whole 3 - 4 hours. Amazing, amazing, amazing!

We had pretty good seats so I was able to see everything - movement , facial expressions etc - of the actors. They had wonderful vocals on top of the excellent acting skills. The dialogues were so witty and there were many surprises along the way that the audience were kept entertained throughout. Excellent script , that's for sure!

And here you have , the stars of the show....

At this moment, I think they are my favourites of all that I've watched all my life. (yes, a touch contender for Phantom of the Opera...)  And I would love to be in Glinda's role because she got to wear all the pretty dresses - at least 5! :P

This was my favourite scene - when Glinda was trying to give Elphaba  a makeover and giving her advice - her version. It was really cute and hilarious!

Everything was mesmerizing - from the acting, singing,dancing, props , lightings etc! It is definitely worth the money spent.

Wicked is still on till this Sunday so if you have no plans for the weekend, why not try out your luck at getting the tickets? However, do invest in good seats .... because I have heard that those seating at top levels could not really enjoy the show because they , more or less, just saw the tops of the people's heads :P

We are catching Romeo and Juliet next Friday - hopefully it will a great experience as well! :)


Disclaimer: Photography was not allowed so all photos were Google-d :)


Rod said...

My father and I are surprising my mother and driving her to Chicago for her 50th birthday. The surprise is that we We spent just $205 for wicked tickets Really Do not miss it , especially with parents .. I would go again in a heart beat.

FQ said...

Rod > that's so sweet of you guys! Hope u had a great time, just like I did! :)