Changi Airport and Earl Swensens

The initial plan was to go to the Pasir Ris KidsKampung Nature Farm. Just wanted to allow and expose the nephew to the farmlife. I have heard good reviews about this particular place and wanted to give it a shot.

But dad and I changed our minds when we considered the weather. It has been freaking hot the past month . Even at home, with the fans blasting at full speed( yeah , we do not have aircon because the husby is sensitive to cold.Sad) , I can start sweating within minutes. We were sure that the hot and humid weather will definitely cause us to not be able to enjoy the outing.

After not much thought, we decided to go to the Budget Terminal since none of us has been there yet . They picked me up slightly after 2pm and off we went!


Budget Terminal Departure Hall

No wonder it is called Budget Terminal! Having been so used to the vastness of T1, T2 and T3, this one really seemed microscopic. When I entered the teminal, I saw everything I needed to see within 5 minutes.Yeah ,it was that  small. I even commented that the departure hall looked very much like the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal . My mum chided me though ..she asked what else should I have expected?

But all in all, it wasn't bad at all. It was very cosy and comfortable with just about enough necessities for travellers and visitors. There were Macs and Hanis Bakery , plus a kid's playground to entertain the little ones. Montel had a ride on one of the spring horses ( don't know what it is called lah...)... He was giggling away ...

After that , we decided to head to T3. I love the design of this terminal. Today was my fourth time there and yet , there were still things that I was awed by. And I love the open spaces....I have a slight phobia of enclosed places so that is something I appreciate about T3. My parents and I basically just had a chit-chat session , planning future holidays and such , and also playing around with Montel . He is just uber cute and I can never get sick of amusing him / getting amused by him . LOL.

Early dinner at Earl Swensens ,just next to the viewing mall. Husby joined us. I was really hungry that I did not snap that many pictures . But I have to say that the service there is good. I should come back for a second time and will take more pictures...

Till then.

I am quite tired and feeling rather drowsy (could be the fault of the medicine) and there is some urgent work to be completed tonight .