Friends for Life

Today's post is going to be on my best friend.

When I first met her back in Secondary One, she looked like a true nerd (haha...maybe I did look like one too, but I choose to think that she was worse lah...) . She had very long hair , with the fringe either swept to the side or pinned up ,thus, exposing her wide forehead...and really big and ugly spectacles.

I was not very close to her in Sec One as we were in different classes and barely had any chance to talk. In Sec 2, she decided to join the CCA I was in - Angklung Orchestra - and I think that was one of her best life decisions! LOL. I have no idea how it happened but we were almost joined at the hips thereafter.

I owed it to her for helping me to pull up my grades in Sec 2. I did horribly in Sec One , especially in History and Geography. However, due to our frequent study sessions at the Macdonalds (yup...we were among the many irritants who occupied the seats, just to bury our faces in books... ), I was extremely proud of my achievements in my second year.. Thanks to her, my self-confidence was boosted and I no longer felt inferior of myself. Oh , one would definitely feel so if one doesn't get distinctions for all the exam papers , whilst studying in my ex-secondary school!

It has been a long.. almost 17 years .. of friendship. We have gone through so much together .. family problems, heartbreaking relationships, financial problems and many others. There was even a time when I thought that she no longer was my best friend as she was hanging out way too often with other people!!! Hahhaa... such a jealous freak I was! But she had her share ...when she got pissed that I was spending too much time and wasting too much effort on an ex-boyfriend  (which, on hindsight, I totally agree was a waste of my youthful years) ...

Nevertheless, our friendship remained strong or rather, gets stronger by the years. Now that we are both married and extremely busy with work , we no longer have the time to chit-chat for long on the phone ...heck, sometimes we can even don't text each other for weeks! However, that does not change the fact that we still know each other best. She can read me like a book and I know she loves me! :) :) :)

Spot us!

Her 21st Bday

A night at the Esplanade 2005

My sister's wedding 2007

So cheeky , even on her special day!

Married to the love of her life, Jan 2008

Goofy-ing around after my solemnization, Mar 2008

Yeah, I got hitched just 2 mths after her :)

Well, I would say that after the husby , she is God's gift to me .
I Love You , Best Friend *hugs*