Men who fool around

The recent Jack Neo scandal(s) is such a joke.

Singapore has always been ever so 'kiasu' (must win in everything), always wanting to be on top of matters. Thus, it should not be a surprise that someone in the local entertainment industry has pulled a 'Tiger', 'Beckham' or 'Pitt', whichever one prefers to refer it to.

Everytime there are stories about men fooling around, and worse, married men at that , I would cringe and roll my eyes. Part of me would want to say, " Hey, it takes two hands to clap!" .. however, a bigger part of me will always exclaim that it is nothing surprising that there are men out there who just cannot stay true to one.

Do fame and wealth often lead to sexual vices?

Well, apparently, they do. These idiots.

In most cases, the victims would be the clueless wife and the children. It is sad and scary when you think of how Jack Neo 's children are going to face their schoolmates and teachers. The agony of bearing the fruit of your parents' infidelity.

Oh wait.. back to the joke.

Jack's wife is not that bad-looking herself, especially for someone her age. So why are the ladies linked to him (at least the one who exposed him) look just as bad, if not worse than Ris Low? At least it would make sense if they are gorgeous people with bodies to die for. But none of that. I just don't get it.

Now, the latest that I have read on yahoo news is that the number of scandals he had , has snowballed to TEN! A very familiar story , ain't it? To be fair to him , I doubt all ten are true stories. They are probably just some females desperate for attention. Bad idea.

 Since he is no Brad Pitt or Tiger Woods, this piece of news should fizzle out sooner or later. I wonder how he will get out of this whole saga.

Ok , another school day tomorrow.Ta ta!