KL Getaway!

On the last day of the first school term , the husby and I decided on a well-deserved short getaway to KL. We had been wanting to do this ever since we got married - which was to go crazily shopping in KL. Coincidentally, the Sunday also happened to be our 2nd year anniversary thus, it was just so apt.

We rode in a coach from Grassland. When he was doing the online booking earlier, Grassland promised a luxurious coach with ample legroom , toilet , a butler , refreshments, individual gaming screen etc ...Now, I have been to KL a few times myself and I was always satisfied with just taking the SUPER VIP coach (I often bought from GUnung Raya Travels) . But the picture of the double decker bus on Grassland website was very pretty and enticing so the husby decided to pay just a little bit more. We were aware of the small clause that said whether it was a single or double-decked bus, that would depend on the availability that night. Oklah....we thought it would not matter as long as the package remains the same.

My survival kit - I tend to get dizzy on bus rides

However, We were UTTERLY DISAPPOINTED! Yeah...I was hoping to get the double-decked bus because I saw one in the bay and it looked pretty good!

Not only didn't we get onto a double-decked bus, there were quite a few things that made me feel they were just out to exploit customers.

The screen looked old, was dirty and dusty.
So there was ample legroom.... But the front legrest was jammed!
Poor husby had his feet dangling throughout the ride.
There was also no toilet - okay, not that I was looking forward to pee-ing in the bus, but hey , it was supposed to be in the package, no?

As for refreshments, it was two bottles of mineral water. Honestly, I don't care much but the ticket cost $20 more than a SUPER VIP ticket ...for exactly the same thing! Where is the logic?

Since we were already pissed off and very sleepy, we just slept throughout the night ride. After the checkpoint at about 12 midnight, I only woke up at 5:00am ..to find ourselves already in KL!

Woo hoo!

But which hotel will allow the guests to check in soooooooooo early, right? Well, Melia Hotel is the answer! Perhaps, we were luckier as we had booked a slightly better room (read this), I guess we had that slight privilege :)

I was actually rather apprehensive ....you know how hotels always make themselves look good in pictures but hey , this time, the pictures didn't lie! 

The Lobby at 5am

Aha! But that was not where we checked in . We had an exclusive and express check-in on the highest floor , called 'The Level ' (ok..not that original , I must say). Still, it was nice :)

Where we checked-in

And here's our room!

The room was not that fanciful. I did not like the decor ..but I loved the bed!

After a good 2-hours rest, we were ready to explore KL. We had promised to visit his auntie so we took the train down to Bukit Jalil from which , we hopped on a cab. The interesting thing about KL trains is that each line is owned by a different company. Thus, instead of crossing the platform (at City Hall / Raffles Place, if you are in SG) to change trains, you have to get out of station and walk to a nearby station. It required a bit of getting-used to but I guess, you can call us experts for now ! Heehee...

Us, ready to go!

Crossing platform

A good reminder!

Basically, the rest of the 3 days were spent on shopping. It felt especially good when your other half is as crazy about shopping as you are! Initially, it was always me who kept stopping, browsing and buying .. and I was rather 'afraid' that he would feel bored. Boy, I was SO wrong ! Once he started , I couldn't stop him!

Obviously, not many pictures were snapped since that was not the main priority. But here're a few....

Nandos! I wish they have it in Singapore....
Oh wait..is there one? Halal?

Where we had our daily breakfast and tea....

    I know I have aged .... ever since I started buying curtains and cushion covers.
In the past , who cares?  :P

On the way to catch our flight back...

Kuala Lumpur International Airport.
Not bad, but it was rather warmm....

And who else would be waiting for us at the airport?

The cute darling. How I missed him so!

In conclusion , we both had a great time and are looking forward to the next getaway - whenever that will be!


ratnah... said...

Oh! How i miss you so! I love love love reading your entries! Especially the one about the bedsheet your husby bough! So lucky of you! How i wish sari would do that...but then again, i don't trust his taste.LOL!

FQ said...

Hi Rat!!!!

I miss you much too. Husby tickles me at times with his antics but ur Sari is the mega-hunk, kan kan kan ?

Anytime u r free, pls beep me! I seriously will make time fo you!