Office Politics

When you hear of the term 'office politics' , you think of 'backstabbers', 'free-riders', 'gossips', 'die die must get promoted' and many other such cases.

One would think that being in a so-called noble profession (ie. educator) , office politics would be the last thing on the list.

So wrong.

Throughout my seven years in this field (ok , I think it is eight...gosh , I feel old!), I have seen , witnessed and experienced the brunts of office politics. I have seen how politics cause rift in working relationships and at a greater extent,  ruin friendship.

Now why is there a need to backstab others? I can only think of
1) personal gain
2) jealousy
3) feeling threatened or fear that others would get the promotion / job
4) a natural desire to triumph over others.

Actually , there is no reason to , is there? What happened to Moulder of the Nation? What happened to doing it for students, for education?

I think some 'educators' out there need a strong reminder!